Master Units

By P.R. Sarkar

(10 November 1989, Kolkata) – In the beginning, Master Units were started with a view to developing the fate of the backward and downtrodden classes of society who find no scope to keep pace with the developing world. When Ananda Marga started touching every discipline of life, it was then contemplated to establish the Master Units as the miniature forms of Ananda Marga. As there are different nerve centres in the body which control the function of the different limbs and organs, and which are finally controlled by the mind itself, likewise the Master Units will be treated as the nerve centres of the society. There has to be active representation and participation from all the departments, branches and sub-branches of Ananda Marga in the Master Units. Those who fail in representation will be lost in non-existence.

These miniature forms of Ananda Marga will expand and gradually terminate in the maxiature form and cover the whole universe. Master Units will expand all possible services, particularly in the fields of education, culture, economics and spiritual upliftment. These Master Units will work to improve the fate, first of all human beings, and then of all living beings, irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion and national barriers. Humanity knows no artificial barriers. Humanity is the only criteria.

Through Master Units and PROUT, we will elevate the standard of the people in a few months or a few years. We should also serve the people immediately by all-round service. PROUT and all-round service may render temporary service – they move along the flow of life – but our spiritual philosophy is above the flow of life. Hence, with spiritual philosophy as the hub, we are to start as many Master Units as possible. All-round service, PROUT and Master Units are the ways of life.

What are the primary requisites of an ideal Master Unit? There are five, which correspond to the five minimum requirements in PROUT. First, to provide food throughout the year, sufficient local raw materials must be produced through agriculture and scientific farming. These raw materials will provide the basis for industrial units and agro-industries such as dairy farms, horticulture, sericulture, etc. For such industries, you cannot depend on raw material from anywhere else.

Secondly, there should be production of sufficient fibres and fabrics for clothing. For example, fibres from ladies’ fingers (okra), pineapple, sugar beet, banana, basil, cotton, sisal, etc. can be used for clothing.

Thirdly, primary and post-primary schools should be started on all Master Units. Higher education institutions should not be established just now.

Fourthly, general and special medical units should also be established. Special medical centres would accommodate invalid people for a certain periods because Master Units may or may not run big hospitals. Medical units should emphasise alternative medical treatments.

Fifthly, Master Units should undertake schemes to construct houses for extremely poor people. This special housing scheme for the poor must be immediately established.

There is the necessity of starting Master Units in each and every district and block of the world. Master Units will be the biggest structure of Ananda Marga. All Master Units will be the minia ture forms of Ánanda Nagar, and these Master Units will be the main centres for the Ánanda Márgiis. Master Units should be a minimum of five acres. The Saḿskrta name of Master Unit is “Cakranemii” which means “the nucleus of the cakra” (wheel). I want all Master Units to be economically self-sufficient in all respects, because spiritualists should not depend on the wealthy class for money.

There are several common points which should be implemented in all Master Units:

  1. Schools, including primary, post-primary and higher secondary schools.
  2. Hostels, including junior hostels, senior hostels and higher hostels.
  3. Children’s homes, including junior homes, senior homes and students homes.
  4. Medical units.
  5. Cottage industries.
  6. Dairy Farms.
  7. Plantations.

Besides these common points, there are some special features of Master Units which should also be implemented:

  1. A wheat grinding machine or flour mill to produce flour.
  2. A bakery to produce bread, etc.
  3. A seed bank.
  4. A Cheap Seed Distribution Centre (Sulav Biija Vitaran Kendra). The centre will collect good quality seeds and sell them at cheap rates. Seeds may be purchased from local farmers at the end of each harvest, purchased at cheap rates in the market or cultivated, but the centre should provide good quality seeds at cheap rates to the people.
  5. A Free Plant Distribution Centre. This centre will grow plants from seeds and seedlings. The following system should be used to prepare plants for distribution. The seedlings should be grown until they are one and a half feet tall. The plants should then be uprooted and their roots soaked in water for half an hour. Next, the main root of each plant should be cut off one inch below the base of the plant, and the remaining roots should again be soaked in water for ten minutes. The plants should then be planted in a field or packed for distribution. Plants which are prepared in this way will produce large, sweet fruits. The fruits will be better than those produced from seedlings, but not as good as those produced from grafted plants.
  6. Sericulture and silk weaving centre.
  7. Bio-gas plants. This means that there must be a dairy farm. Water hyacinths are also good for producing bio-gas.
  8. Butter production.
  9. Apiculture.
  10. An Ideal Farm Training Centre.
  11. A sanctuary.

On all our Master Units, only bio-fertilizers like compost, cow dung, neem paste, neem spray, etc. should be used. Chemical fertilizers must be avoided. Our Master Unit program is a combination of oriental sublimity and western dynamicity.

From: PROUT in a Nutshell Part 19

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  1. Revolutionary ideas.i think this concept will change the world,make more productive and alievate poverty from every corner of the we should start MUs in our locality to boost the economic growth,particularly in local economy.

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