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Some Brief Constitutional Proposals for Venezuela Based on PROUT

PROUT Research Institute, Venezuela


PROUT is the acronym for the Progressive Utilization Theory, a new socio-economic paradigm proposed by the late philosopher and spiritual master Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. It proposes the maximum utilization and rational distribution of all physical, psychic and spiritual resources, for the dynamic progress and equilibrium for all beings.

Political democracy requires a population that is …

GPPP: Global Climate Change Policy Statement – Excerpts

Complete proposed policy statement text

A Principle-Guided Policy Framework

1] Climate change policies and actions should be solution-oriented; they should emphasize viable, positive alternatives and not dwell on fears or political posturing. Humanity should appreciate that implementing these solutions will bring opportunities for a better life.

2] Proposed solutions should emphasize dealing with the root causes of climate change, and …

GPPP: Guaranteed Basic Necessities and Common Amenities Policy Statement – Excerpts

Complete statement text

On the Spiritual

Global climate change speaks to the need for humanity to adopt a new values base, one that expands humanistic concerns to embrace the welfare of the natural world. Such a value base would be grounded in the proto-spiritual and non-sectarian realization that all life is interconnected in a wholeness of being.

On Globalisation

Humanity …

GPPP: Guaranteed Basic Necessities and Common Amenities Policy Statement

Version 1, approved by Global PROUT Policy Parliament on February 25, 2010


Earth’s resources are the common inheritance of all humanity. So all people should enjoy the fundamental right to the goods and services required to maintain their existence and to support their development and their expression.

The United Nations Declaration of Human Rights asserts that, “Everyone has the …