GPPP: Guaranteed Basic Necessities and Common Amenities Policy Statement – Excerpts

Complete statement text

On the Spiritual

Global climate change speaks to the need for humanity to adopt a new values base, one that expands humanistic concerns to embrace the welfare of the natural world. Such a value base would be grounded in the proto-spiritual and non-sectarian realization that all life is interconnected in a wholeness of being.

On Globalisation

Humanity has become increasingly globalised. This trend is irrepressible. Yet it is emerging without a global political authority to properly manage our globally integrated affairs. Climate change is a vivid example of a global problem requiring globally coordinated action, decided upon and overseen by a global political body having suitable authority.

On the Role of Corporations

The threat of global climate change brings to a head the problem of under-regulated corporate behavior and of their corrupting political influence. To control climate change, humanity must stand together; none can be allowed to surmount the common cause.

On the Need for Economic Decentralization

The global economy requires the use of huge amounts of hydrocarbon fuels for the transportation of goods. Yet, there is great scope to produce many goods locally, rather than provide them through importation. This is particularly true for most basic commodities, such as food, fuel, fiber, medicines, and building materials. The shift from centralized to decentralized economic production would, in balance, achieve great reductions in the creation of greenhouse gases. This structural shift in the modality of production would have many other benefits as well. Among others, it would help keep capital circulating in local economies, better stimulating economic well-being.

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