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A Quest for Fulfilment

The essence of humans’ search for meaning to life and philosophical thought should have no conflict with science. What spiritual yogis said about the structure of atoms millennia ago, for example, has been found to be on the mark by modern scientists. The human quest for fulfilment and transcendence has been frustrated by consumerism and dogmatic impositions, however. Ancient …

The Stage of Perseverance

Shrii Shrii Anandamurti
One, who is persevering, who is engaged in the effort to become better, nobler, and eager to achieve something unique, is not a completely ordinary human being. One is not a normal person for the simple reason that the curvatures of one’s psychic expressions are being gradually transformed into linear flow.

It is true that, such a …

Human Beings of the World, Unite!

P.R. Sarkar
Human longings are infinite. If these infinite human longings are allowed to run after objects of worldly enjoyment, conflict among human beings is bound to take place. As material wealth is limited, over-abundance for one leads to crippling scarcity for others. These infinite human longings can be fulfilled only through psychic and spiritual wealth. The Supreme has generously …

The Historical Need for PROUT

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
Human history is not a series of secular happenings without any shape or direction; it is an evolutionary process, a meaningful development. Those who observe the peripheral movement are carried away by the wars and battles, economic disorder, and political upheavals. But the real drama is acted out in its inner layer, where the conflict between the …

The Excellence of God-Centred Philosophy

P.R. Sarkar
(January 1990, Kolkata) – No two entities of this universe are equal in all respects or in any respect. This universe is a collection of a mesh of varieties. Diversity is the law of nature and identity is not possible.

Although theories, propositions, hypotheses and different formula or formulae are the creations of different types of persons, they …

The Future of Universalism and PROUT

Dr. Sohail Inayatullah
Forecasting the future of any movement is by definition problematic. The future, for one, does not yet exist (except from perhaps an absolute spiritual perspective wherein past, present and future exist simultaneously). Yet it is possible to identify certain patterns within all movements. Charles Paprocki has analysed the rise and fall of social movements based on Sarkar’s …