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Drive for Industrialization of Agriculture of Poor

Picture above: Kannada samaj leader Ghanesh Bhat (right) at a farmers meeting at Allapur, Hubli in Karnataka, India.

The Kannada samaj-movement of Karnataka, India, focusses on generating awareness among farmers about giving industrial status to agriculture. Kannada representatives are conducting meetings in villages and interacting with farmers.

“Though there are hundreds of problems faced by farmers, we are focusing on …

Proper Utilization of Fruit Trees

(New Delhi, June 22, 2014) – “‘The length of National Highways in the country is one lakh [100.000] kilometre. I have asked officials to come out with a plan to plant 200 crore [] trees along these stretches which in turn would create jobs for the unemployed on the one hand and protect the environment on the other,’ Road Transport,

Farmers Cooperatives

By P.R. Sarkar

(February 1982, Calcutta) – Providing food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment is most important for social security. These five minimum requirements are indispensable to raise the living standard of the people. To guarantee these, the principle of production based on consumption has to be adopted. Special emphasis should be placed on agricultural production because the provision …

Agrarian Revolution

By P.R. Sarkar

The economic development of a country depends on the collective labour of different social groups. This is the reason that the system of the division of labour gradually evolves out of the practice of domestic economy. The value of the labour of all groups, including industrial labourers, peasants, carpenters, blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, physicians and clerks, is equal …

PROUT and Permaculture

By Ravi Logan

Like permaculture, PROUT is a solution-oriented approach to creating sustainability by applying design principles that model the way nature works. The difference between the two approaches is in the realm of application of their respective sets of design principles.

Permaculture design principles were developed as a method to guide sustainable resource management (though much has been done …

Ideological Foundations of Progressive Socialism – 3


By P.R. Sarkar

In all human actions the tender touch of humanity should be present. Those with the tendency to not deprive others cannot, on the grounds of justice and equity, accept the principle of private ownership. The economic structures in the world today, however, are not based on human rights. In order to recognize human rights, one will …

Agriculture as Industry

P.R. Sarkar
Should development schemes for the all-round elevation of an agricultural country or region and an industrial country or region be the same in theory or different from each other?
Development in the sense of all-round elevation is the summum bonum of economic activity. That is, development means integrated, compact and multi-purpose development.

Principles and theories remain unchanged although …

The PROUT Companion: Agricultural Policy

Q. What should be the percentage of population supporting themselves on agriculture?

In a developed economy only 30 to 45% of the population should support themselves on agriculture. In countries where a greater population live on agriculture there should be an endeavour to shift the surplus population to agro-based and agrico-(post-harvest) industries.

Q. What will the mode of development of