Dhanjoo N Ghista

The following articles by Professor Dhanjoo N Ghista are published on PROUT Globe:

On Occupy Wall Street and Future Options

PROUT Based Grassroots Socio-Economic Democracy for People’s Empowerment and Equitable Global Order for Parity among Nations

Civilian Democratic Political-Economic System, for Liberated Countries and Countries with all Systems of Government

A Holistically Sustainable Community with a Neohumanist Society, with Siddhartha Sanyal (PDF)

Sustainable Development of Developing Countries: A Holistic Socio-Economic-Political Approach, with Siddhartha Sanyal (PDF)

1. Socio-Economic Democracy and the World Government: Collective Capitalism, Depovertization, Human Rights, Template for Sustainable Peace, by Dhanjoo N. Ghista, World Scientific
    Publishing Co, ISBN 981-238-509-6, 2014
2. NEO-HUMANISM: Principles and Cardinal Values, Sentimentality to Spirituality, Human Society,  by  Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar, Compiled by Ac. Prof. Dhanjoo N. Ghista, ISBN 10 – 1463755791.
Articles published in Gurukula Network:
1.  Corporatocracy to Cooperatocracy, A Proposal for Rescuing the US Economic and Political System, Gurukula Network, Issue 36, May 2013

2.  Governance and Economy: On Occupy Wall Street and Future Options, Gurukula Network, Issue 33, Nov 2011

3.  Consciousness, Cosmology and Evolution: Unified Theory of Consciousness, Matter and Mind, Gurukula Network, Issue 34, May 2012

4.  Civilian Democratic Political-Economic System, for Liberated Countries and Countries with all systems of Government, Gurukula Network, Issue 32, May 2011

5.  Landmarks in Education, Scholarship, Medicine, and Universities: From Ancient to First Millennium to Medieval to Modern Times, Gurukula Network,  Issue 31, November 2010

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