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The original PROUT Giita modernised and updated

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PDF A5 for easy electronic reading: The PROUT Companion (free)
PDF A4 for easy printing: The PROUT Companion (free)

Read extracts from The PROUT Companion online here (free)


The PROUT Companion is the reincarnation of PROUT Giita, the 1978 classical handbook for proutists. The text has been edited, updated — and given a new name. Hereby a new generation of proutists have been given an opportunity to experience and learn from the significant contribution of Ac. Raghunath Prasad, one of the early proutists who used to receive information and teachings directly from PROUT founder, P.R. Sarkar.

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  1. Humanity is now standing in the world that is not consistent with past experience. Today, there are new social complexities, economic crisis and unstable politics and personal confusion. Rebellion and environmental disasters also cause violence. One of PhD. Student in Human Resource Development (HRD) program, Burapha University , Thailand under my advising, he is now review PRUOUT concept compare to Capitalism Concept and Sufficiency Economy concept for his dissertation. After reviewed the PROUT concept, it is such a great concept. We would love to learn more how PROUT can apply in practical implementation. Thanks for kindly sharing PDFs.

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