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The Modernization of Islam

Dr. Susmit Kumar
Today Islamic civilization is going through a similar crisis that Europe went through between World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII). In future Islam will cease to be the guiding force behind countries in the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia. Like the two World Wars, Islamic militancy and economic crisis will drastically change …

Islam and Democracy

Ac. Krtashivananda Avt.
Two kinds of democratic states can be recognized in the Islamic countries. The basis of this distinction has to do with how comprehensively Islam is incorporated into the affairs of the state:

  1. A democratic state  which recognizes Islam as state religion, such as Malaysia, Pakistan Algeria,or Bangladesh. Some religious values are incorporated into public life, but Islam

The Future of Science in the Islamic World

Dr. Sohail Inayatullah
At a recent OIC/Comstech (Standing Committee on Science and Technology) meeting in Islamabad, Pakistan on Science in the Islamic Polity in the next century, speakers delivered tirades against the West – while standing on a podium with the words “Best Western” (referring to Best Western Motels) boldly present.

This postmodern moment perhaps captured the angst of the …

Theodemocracy – the Emerging Global Paradigm – I

Garda Ghista, January 2008
Theocracy is a widely used word referring to a government comprised of priests / clergy who claim to represent God. These priests have full executive, legislative and judicial power over the people of that community or nation. Theocrats are those who advocate for theocratic governments. Theodemocracy is a lesser known and lesser used word which refers …

Theodemocracy – the Emerging Global Paradigm – II

Fundamentalism in the Modern World

Garda Ghista, January 2008
As was stated earlier, fundamentalism should not be equated with violence. Fundamentalism is a growing phenomena in every major religion, including Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, and even in Sikhism and Confucianism. The term “fundamentalism” was coined by American Protestant Christians who desired to return to the fundamentals of their …

The Arab Spring, What Type of Revolution?

By Sohail Inayatullah

(April 2011) – Whether the trigger event was the self-immolation of Mohamed Abouzizi in Tunisia December 17, 2010 or the earlier wikileaks cables describing Tunisia as run by a mafia-esque elite1 or the rap music of Hamada Ben Amor – known as El Général, the Middle-East has irrevocably changed. Dictators in Tunisia and Egypt have been …