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The PROUT Worker Cooperatives

Carla Dickstein, Ph.D.
Cooperative enterprises—worker enterprises—worker, consumer, agricultural and credit—form the core of a PROUT economy. The majority of manufacturing and service enterprises are organized as worker cooperatives.

Cooperatives are a privileged sector in the PROUT economy because they are considered the best structures for human beings to work together. According to PROUT’s founder, P.R. Sarkar, “Human society is one …

Why Cooperatives: The New Zealand Context

Bruce Dyer
Considering how water, wind, and landforms affect rainfall, how rain nurtures plant life and how trees affect climatic conditions – to just hint at how cooperation is an integral part of nature – it’s clear that cooperation underpins our very existence. From this perspective, it’s no surprise that the world’s largest non-governmental organisation is the International Cooperative Alliance …

Cooperative Economics: In Russia

Ronald Logan
In his book, Bully for Brontosaurus , scientific historian Stephen Jay Gould devotes a chapter to presenting Peter Kropotkin’s views on biological evolution. Kropotkin is best known as a Russian revolutionary anarchist who believed in cooperative, rather than hierarchical and competitive, human relationships, and in devolving the power of the central state to local communities. It is less …