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The PROUT Paradigm

(PROUT Globe) – O.M. Markley, principle author of the Stanford Research Institute’s landmark study Changing Images of Man, identified the core assumptions that prevail in the Marxist-capitalist “industrial state era”. These are:

~ The idea that progress is synonymous with economic growth and increasing consumption;
~ The notion that humankind is separate from nature, and that it is the …

Capitalism, PROUT and Deficiencies of Democracy – III


Dr. Susmit Kumar
Modern capitalism has become a business-government joint venture in which large corporations and wealthy people have hijacked democracy. All politicians (even Democrats, who claim to work for the poor) have to take money from them in order to win elections because of the ballooning costs of running a successful election campaign. Once they accept donations, they …

Capitalism, PROUT and Deficiencies of Democracy – IV

(Note: Parts of the discussion in this section is taken from P.R. Sarkar, PROUT In A Nutshell, Parts 1-22 , AMPS, Calcutta, India, 1987-1991.)

The Progressive Utilization Theory

Dr. Susmit Kumar
Under their five-year plans, communist countries gave importance to large industries. In the U.S.S.R, the center was dictating the establishment of factories all over the country, which was so …

Capitalism, PROUT and Deficiencies of Democracy – V


Differences Among PROUT, Capitalism, and Communism

Dr. Susmit Kumar
Capitalists want to produce commodities at lowest cost and sell them at highest price. To produce commodities cheaply requires efficient transportation, cheap raw materials, cheap labour, cheap energy, adequate water supply, etc. No matter what form capitalism takes—individual capitalism, group capitalism, or state capitalism—capitalists will always prefer centralized production. All …

Prout, What It Stands For: The alternative to capitalism and communism

PROUT presents a happy blending of individual and collective interests. The following offers a brief look at the way these interests have been promoted by capitalist and collectivist (communist) theories respectively.
From the booklet PROUT, What It Stands For

The Age of Adam Smith and Capitalism

 Adam Smith – the father of modern capitalist philosophy – was deeply influenced by …