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By Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar
The following is the first of 31 chapters of Shrii Sarkar's book Rarh: The Cradle of Civilization, Ananda Marga Publications.

There was a great ocean, its surface agitated by rows of towering waves, an ocean which had neither name nor gotra [clan]. Who was there to name it, who was there to tell others …

Only Prout Brings Full Self-rule

The following has been prepared for a Prout conference in Bihar, India. Its pointed analysis of Gandhism, Capitalism, Communism, nationalism and Prout should be universally educative.

Picture above: Politicians, agricultural scientists and locals visiting a zero-tillage wheat field in Bhagwatpur Climate-Smart Village of Samstipur district in Bihar, India. Photo: Deepak, CIMMYT

PROUT Alone Brings Sampurna Swaraj

Since the dawn of society …


By P.R. Sarkar

(21 April 1989, Kolkata) – Human beings are not isolated beings. Each human being is universal. The longing for physical and psychic pabula comes from Neohumanism, and these longings should be guaranteed by PROUT.

Neohumanism is universal humanism. Not a single person should be confined to a particular area. Each and every human being is universal.