PROUT, Neohumanism and Self-reliance

By Krsnadeva
The implementation of such vast ideas as the end to exploitation and the establishment of PROUT has to be adjusted with present conditions. The reality is that on our present course 100 species of animals and plants are becoming extinct each day, some even before they are discovered.

Four thousand square meters of rainforest are destroyed every second. Some people starve to death while others die from overconsumption. Gangs of homeless children who steal and rob to survive are shot and mutilated by off-duty policemen trying to earn a bit extra. Human values and rights are for the precious few in the rich world.

We would welcome a new system, but which one and will it really help, many think. A new system must avoid the mistakes of the past, come with something new and have a wider scope. It must also bring with it benefits for the individual and not just the community.

Adaptability is another must. The new must therefore be applicable despite changes in time, place and person. Perhaps even more importantly it must contain a great momentum, one that can blast through today’s pessimism and stagnancy and propel us with its dynamism, speed and inspiration towards a new era and a brighter future. It has to do something for all the planet’s inhabitants and not just Homo sapiens.

Progressive Utilization is a universally applicable system, based on the values of Neohumanism. Its regional application is the Samaj program. The fulfilment humans have sought since the beginnings on this planet is its goal and source of inspiration. The quest for serenity and satisfaction, for freedom and realization has been the driving force behind the battles against Nature, wild animals, tyrants and oppression, monoculture and mortality itself.

PROUT, along with other ideas, seeks to bring in conditions for the congenial development of all the planet’s beings. Living in harmony with each other and other life forms, while providing the basic essentials for life and development, necessitates an infrastructure based on meeting consumption needs, not one based on satisfying a twisted greed.

To bring in such a system means the spiritual deepening of ourselves and the discovery of a source which provides mental strength an unending force of positivity. The same force provides the individual with the inner peace and profound understanding of life, which makes problems that much easier to solve. It also provides us with the insight that we are members of the same human family and gives us the drive to alleviate others’ sufferings.

From A look at PROUT, Neohumanism and Self-reliance, by Krsnadeva, PROUT Research Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark 1993

Copyright PRI Copenhagen / Proutist Universal, 1993-2011

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