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1st Social Principle of PROUT

In the flow of the social cycle, a class is always dominant.

Originally, no well-knit social system had evolved. So we may call this age the proletarian (shu’dra) era. In those days all people survived by their physical labor. Then came the era of the valiant, which we may term the warrior (ks’attriya) era. This was followed …

The PROUT Companion: Theory of History

Q. What is history?

History is an expression of collective psychology. Every event in the historical phenomenon is an expression of this collective psychology.

By dint of a powerful psychic momentum and expanded vibrational waves a great personality or a powerful movement may exert a mighty impact on social movements or the collective psychology. The social psyche would then undergo …

The PROUT Companion: The Four Aspects

Developed social thought ought to be comprised of the following four aspects: philosophy, theory of history, economic theory and political thought.

Philosophy is the synthetic interpretation of cosmology – the origin and evolution of the entire Cosmic phenomenon. It deals with the origin and development of the species including the human. It explains the origin and existential position of human …