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The Modernization of Islam

Dr. Susmit Kumar
Today Islamic civilization is going through a similar crisis that Europe went through between World War I (WWI) and World War II (WWII). In future Islam will cease to be the guiding force behind countries in the Middle East, North Africa and East Asia. Like the two World Wars, Islamic militancy and economic crisis will drastically change …

An Impending Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Over Kashmir

Originally published in Global Times, 1995.

Susmit Kumar, Ph. D.
For centuries Kashmir was a place noted for its adherence to the gentle Sufi form of Islam. Kashmir was the only place where no communal riot and killing took place during the partition of India. But since 1989, India has been fighting Pakistan-sponsored infiltration in Kashmir.

India and Pakistan …

The Global Economy Desperately Needs Another Brilliant Keynes Idea

Dr. Susmit Kumar
Before the 1930s Great Depression, there were recessions in 1797-1800, 1807-1814, 1819-24, 1837-43, 1857-60, 1873-79, 1893-96, 1907-8 and 1918-21. The government did not intervene in any of these previous economic recessions and opted to let the economy find its own solution. Until 1930s Great Depression, economists thought that free markets would automatically provide full employment on their …

Capitalism, PROUT and Deficiencies of Democracy – III


Dr. Susmit Kumar
Modern capitalism has become a business-government joint venture in which large corporations and wealthy people have hijacked democracy. All politicians (even Democrats, who claim to work for the poor) have to take money from them in order to win elections because of the ballooning costs of running a successful election campaign. Once they accept donations, they …