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Ananda Marga, Victim of Communist Conspiracy During 1969-77 — new book   

By Dr. Susmit Kumar

From Dr. Susmit Kumar’s book Ananda Marga - Victim of Communist Conspiracy During 1969-77. To be had from

Ananda Marga is a worldwide socio-spiritual organization with centers and various social service operations in every region on all continents. At present it is active in more than 130 countries, running 1200 schools only in …

“I’M Finished”

By Dr. Susmit Kumar

During economic recessions the United States reduces it interest rate. At the moment it stands at near zero in order to spur growth and reduce unemployment.

On the other hand, having to swallow the bitter pills of IMF, aid recipients are required to increase their interest rates by double digits, which leads to an increase in …

Science and Mysticism: The Cosmic Wave

By Susmit Kumar, Ph. D

Although human civilization can be traced back thousands of years, our scientific and technological knowledge was very limited until two or three centuries ago. This limited knowledge caused us to mystify most physical phenomena and to attribute them to heavenly entities.

In some civilizations earthquakes were explained as being caused by the rumblings of the

US Dollars “Print on Demand” and the Current Budget and Trade Deficits Drama

(June 2012) – Dr. Susmit Kumar is the author of Casino Capitalism (iUniverse) and other litterature on the present global economic situation and Islam. Recently he talked to PROUT Globe about the deficits of countries in economic crisis.

PG: What is main cause of the current economic crisis in Europe?

SK: It depends on your perspective. Socio-economically speaking …