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Persecution of Proutists Pricks Kolkata’s Conscience 30 Years On

(April 2012) – A seminar on PROUT at Moulali Yuba Kendra, Kolkata earlier this month has caught the interest of the Bengal media. Kolkata’s most popular anti-communist newspaper Bartaman, as well as Pratidin, the Bengali Statesman and Times of Indiaall covered the event in detail.

At the event, economist Dilip Haldar, formerly of Kolkata’s renowed Jhadavpur University, …

40 Years Since Sarkar Was Jailed, Poisoned

In December 1971, as persecution of PROUT founder Shrii Prabhat Rainjan Sarkar and his socio-spiritual movement Ananda Marga intensified, he was falsely accused of various crimes and imprisoned for nearly seven years. However, those in power found it hard to break him. One of the central jail officials commented, “Even Napoleon was tamed by jail, but this living tiger cannot

PROUT and Its Propounder

It is a tragic order of nature that whenever a great leader comes to serve human society then and there he is opposed, criticized, humiliated, tortured, arrested, convicted and even put to death. P.R. Sarkar was not spared either but had to face the onslaught stages against him by vested interests.

Sarkar became controversial and the target of attacks from …