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The Cosmic Brotherhood

Note: The below is the original discourse where P.R. Sarkar first mentioned PROUT and formulated its five fundamental principles, given on June 5, 1959 in his birthplace Jamalpur, Bihar, India.

P.R. Sarkar
Spirituality is not a utopian ideal but a practical philosophy which can be practised and realized in day-to-day life, however mundane it be. Spirituality stands for evolution and …

The Universal Family

P.R. Sarkar
The Supreme Consciousness is my father and the operative Principle is my mother. The universe is my home and all of us are citizens of this cosmos. This universe is the imagination of the Macrocosmic Mind, and in the extroversive and introversive phases of the cosmic imaginative flow, all entities are being created, preserved and destroyed. In a …

How Long Casteism?

Garda Ghista
(Hyderbad, India Dec 10, 2009) – The Times of India on December 7 reported that Dalits in Gujarat are banned from Hindu temples. Yet, they are Hindu, isn’t it? If they are banned from their own Hindu temples, then why on earth should they remain Hindus? Better they become Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. Tragically, even by converting to …

Crime and Prisons: Beyond the rehabilitation and punishment debate

Sohail Inayatullah
While the rest of the world is undergoing dynamic change – genomics, democratization in Southwest Asia, digitalization, the rise of Chindia, the development of alternative energy such as solar – prisons are often considered static. They are hidden away from the eyes of the public unless there is a prison escape or if someone released on parole re-offends. …

Unity and Synthesis

P.R. Sarkar
In the practical sphere PROUT adopts the common factors amidst divergent views, and imposes these common factors on groups or bodies with conflicting interests by discouraging fissiparous tendencies. Thus PROUT advocates unity and synthesis in the face of diversity.

If we analyse recent historical developments we can see that wherever fissiparous tendencies arise and are allowed to dominate …