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By P.R. Sarkar

The inner spirit of the word society (Sanskrit: samája) is “to move together”. That is, the vitality of society depends on two factors: its existence – a collective creation – and its inherent dynamism. The characteristic of an activating force is that it does not move in a perfectly straight line, rather its movement is rhythmic …

Urban Life and Morality

P.R. Sarkar
In the present age, there are so many elements hostile to morality. In urban civilization, more people live in a small area; this is the enemy of individual morality. It is essential for the moral development of an individual to live a life of solitude for some time. The city serves as an asylum for antisocial elements, but …

The Present Age and Human Values

P.R. Sarkar
At present life is valued on the basis of money.

Yasya’stivittam sah sarah kuliinah sah panditah
Sah shutaban gunagnah sa eva vakta’sa ca darshaniiyah
Sarve gunah kancana’ma’ trayanti.

That is, these days, a person who possesses wealth is respected and revered whereas a person without money is a person honoured by none . The poor, whoever they may …


P.R. Sarkar
The derivative meaning of the [Sanskrit] word niiti (morality) is “that which contains the principle of leading”. It is the starting point on the path of spiritual practices. But this is not the only significance of morality. If morality fails to provide human beings with adequate guidance about how to move towards perfection, it does not deserve to …

FAQ: Morality and Spirituality

What are human cardinal values?
Sympathy, compassion, fundamental respect for others’ life, love for others’ inherent divinity, universal outlook, and service-mindedness are all human cardinal values.

Where may human cardinal principles be found?
The meeting point of the highest attainment of humanity and the blossoming of divinity is the base on which the human cardinal principles are established. It is …

The Science and Ethics of Cooperation


By Michael Towsey
[Contribution to the Reimagining Society Project hosted by ZCommunications.]

The cooperative system is fundamental to the organization and structure of a Prout (the Progressive Utilization Theory) economy. It is an expression of economic democracy in action – cooperative enterprises give workers the right of capital ownership, collective management and all the associated benefits, such as profit …

On Ethical Dilemmas

Dada Shambhushivananda
A cursory glance at the history of ethical dilemmas of each age reveal that ‘moral issues’ have been couched and imprisoned within the bounds of a sub-culture, religion or a prevalent belief system of a particular age. What is considered good or bad; right or wrong; appropriate or inappropriate; legal or illegal; legitimate or illegitimate; acceptable or unacceptable; …

Social Values and Human Cardinal Principles

P.R. Sarkar
Having progressively crossed the different evolutionary stages since the distant past human beings have at last reached the present stage . The journey has not been solitary: People have advanced together in society. Even in the primitive past, humans lived in clans and tribes, for alone they could not easily procure the means of livelihood. An individual who …