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Collective Psychology

Gary Coyle
Sarkar evolved his conception of class theory by analyzing human history and developing models of the different collective psychologies that have dominated society. He sees collective psychology rather than the interaction of material forces as the motivating force in human history. This is because human beings are essentially psychic beings with unlimited mental and spiritual potential, and society …

De-classed leadership

Gary Coyle
The relationship between ideology and the collective psychologies is both personal and impersonal. While the ruling class may embody some of the aspects of ideology in its popular culture, either through a genuine sense of social welfare or merely as an expedient tactic to camouflage its exploitative intentions, it will always prove deficient in one area or another …

Nuclear Revolution

P.R. Sarkar
A society may be described as the collection of numerous parallel psychic waves which originate due to the psychic tendency of moving together in unison. The glory of human society lies in the formation of a universal collective structure inspired by exalted ideas.

Dynamicity and staticity are inseparably associated with both individual and collective movement. Society is constantly …

The Value-oriented Middleclass

Beyond the Left and Right

Moral and spiritual people may be found among the rich and poor alike. In most cases however value-oriented activist-minded visionaries may be found particularly amongst the middle class.

This is the middle class of the warrior-minded and intellectual enslaved by the acquisitive class. Their class is not defined by economic or social standards, but by …