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Northeastern India

By P.R. Sarkar

(20 April 1989, Kolkata) – The northeastern region of India comprises Assam, Arunachala, Mizoram, Meghalay, Manipur and Nagaland. To the noith of India are the small states of Nepal, Bhutan and Sikkim.

The shape of Nepal is like a rectangle – the length from east to west is greater than the width from north to south. Nepal is


By P.R. Sarkar

(21 April 1989, Kolkata) –┬áHuman beings are not isolated beings. Each human being is universal. The longing for physical and psychic pabula comes from Neohumanism, and these longings should be guaranteed by PROUT.

Neohumanism is universal humanism. Not a single person should be confined to a particular area. Each and every human being is universal.


An Impending Nuclear War Between India and Pakistan Over Kashmir

Originally published in Global Times, 1995.

Susmit Kumar, Ph. D.
For centuries Kashmir was a place noted for its adherence to the gentle Sufi form of Islam. Kashmir was the only place where no communal riot and killing took place during the partition of India. But since 1989, India has been fighting Pakistan-sponsored infiltration in Kashmir.

India and Pakistan …