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PROUT, What It Stands For: 2nd fundamental principle

Maximum Utilization and Rational Distribution

There should be maximum utilization and rational distribution of all mundane, supramundane and spiritual potentialities of the universe.

The first principle of PROUT is intended to fulfil artificial human wants. But apart from these man-made wants there are certain natural ones, which are difficult to satisfy for the existing theories. While desperately attempting in vain …

PROUT, What It Stands For: 1st fundamental principle

No accumulation without permission

No individual should be allowed to accumulate any physical wealth without the clear permission or approval by the collective body.

PROUT’s first fundamental principle of strives to seek:

  • To protect all from artificial scarcity
  • Solutions to the problems of both capitalist and collectivist economy
  • Awareness of the State administration toward its benevolent and philanthropic mission.

This …

Prout, What It Stands For: The alternative to capitalism and communism

PROUT presents a happy blending of individual and collective interests. The following offers a brief look at the way these interests have been promoted by capitalist and collectivist (communist) theories respectively.
From the booklet PROUT, What It Stands For

The Age of Adam Smith and Capitalism

 Adam Smith – the father of modern capitalist philosophy – was deeply influenced by …

The PROUT Companion: Political System

Q. What is the fundamental difference between the proutistic political system and other political systems with reference to motivation and structure?

The motivation and purpose behind the proutistic political system is basically to administer in a manner so that economic institutions are able to materialize the principles and policies of a progressive economy, and that the society progresses ahead with …

The PROUT Companion: Agricultural Policy

Q. What should be the percentage of population supporting themselves on agriculture?

In a developed economy only 30 to 45% of the population should support themselves on agriculture. In countries where a greater population live on agriculture there should be an endeavour to shift the surplus population to agro-based and agrico-(post-harvest) industries.

Q. What will the mode of development of

The PROUT Companion: Industrial policy

Q. What will be the Proutistic industrial policy?

PROUT propounds a system of decentralization of economic power. The centralization of economic power, whether it is in the hands of individuals or the state, such as under capitalism and communism respectively, leads to economic-political exploitation. Private capitalists venture to suck the vital juice from the social tree.

For decades the global …

The PROUT Companion: Economic Aspects

Q. What are the basic principles of the PROUT economy?

The minimum essentials of life must be provided to each individual according to the standards of the time, by providing a minimum of purchasing power through employment. The surplus after meeting the minimum necessities will have to be distributed among those of special merit according to the degree of merit.…

The PROUT Companion: Theory of History

Q. What is history?

History is an expression of collective psychology. Every event in the historical phenomenon is an expression of this collective psychology.

By dint of a powerful psychic momentum and expanded vibrational waves a great personality or a powerful movement may exert a mighty impact on social movements or the collective psychology. The social psyche would then undergo …