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Study circle / self-study material

Universal PROUT Study Circle Manual (PDF).
Based on the original North American study guide (see further below), this adopted universal study circle manual was produced for use around the world, with appropriate study circle questions and assignments, and with relevant quotations from the original works of P.R. Sarkar.
Suggested circle format: 18 classes over half a year, including one introductory session.

Facilitator’s Guide to the Universal PROUT Study Circle Manual (PDF).
This is the guide for facilitators / trainers, addressing the material of the above study circle manual successsively, with guidelines, commentary, and source material on the 156 study circle questions and participants’ assignments.

A Comprehensive Guide to the Study of PROUT A4 (PDF). This is the original North American study material, without the adoptions, questions, assignments, facilitators’ guidelines, etc. of the above universal study circle material.


Prout at a Glance, by Ganesh Bhat
The PROUT Companion (PROUT Giita) (PDF)
A Look at Progress, Utilization and Theory, an introduction (PDF) Updated 2011.
The three-tiered Industrial System (PPT), PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Michael Towsey

Brief texts for information sheets, leaflets

Occupy! leaflet (PDF)What is PROUT? 2 pages (A4) presentation text (PDF) PROUT Intro Introductory text 1 page (A4) (PDF)


Chart: PROUT’s 5 fundamental principles: PDF A4 (1.4mb) / PDF A0 (5.7 mb) / JPG 600px (illustration only) Chart: The Wealth & Potentialities of Our World: PDF A4 / PDF A0 / JPG 600px (illustration only)

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