Psychic Pabula and Spiritual Pabulum

By Ac. Jagadiishvarananda Avt.

(1987) – The innate instincts or crude psychic propensities of human beings instigate them to accumulate and enjoy material objects in an unlimited manner. These psychic urges towards the acquisition of physical wealth are common to all living beings, but in human beings they are infinitely insatiable. Psychic pabula are nothing but these different psychic urges …

Close Down All Stock Exchanges For Good

(PROUT Globe) – The concentration of great wealth beyond the influence of ordinary citizens is at the heart of the mounting difficulties that now make global capitalism look like the Nexus of Evil. As a first step towards establishing a real economy of real people, stock exchanges and their exploitative trading tools should be banned.

In a seminal discourse in …

Trade for Regional Self-Reliance

Dr. Michael Towsey

“It is patent that in our days not alone is wealth accumulated, but immense power and despotic economic domination is concentrated in the hands of a few …. This power becomes particularly irresistible when exercised by those who, because they hold and control money, are able also to govern credit and determine its allotment, for that reason …

Understanding PROUT

Dr. Ravi Batra
In 1977 I wrote a book entitled The Downfall of Capitalism and Communism, predicting that both systems would collapse by the year 2000. The intellectuals ignored and ridiculed my book because of its title that appeared outlandish to them. By now the Soviet style communism has breathed its last, whereas the Chinese version is much transformed …

Global Water Crisis

P.R. Sarkar
(25 March 1989, Kolkata) – At the beginning of this earth, there was absolute silence — there were no living beings or even plants. This condition continued for hundreds of millions of years, until the earth was properly formed.

Then a phase came when rain and storms started, and by a gradual process, life emerged. As a result …

Women at the Mercy of Globalization – I

Globalization – an Introduction

Garda Ghista
We need to understand clearly, what is globalization. It is not an abstract academic or intellectual word. Globalization means global capitalism. In the most simplistic terms, capitalism means this: If you have 20 apples and 20 people, and if 1 person eats up 18 apples, then naturally his tummy will be full and happy. …

Toward an Optimum Level of Income Inequality – IV

Mark Friedman

Chapter IV: Solutions: How to Reduce Inequality

It is more efficient to structure an economy so that it distributes income equitably in the first place than to attempt to redistribute income through taxation or other means. Without denying the present necessity for a progressive tax structure to redistribute income, Galbraith wrote,

For promoting equality a reasonably equal distribution …