Nuclear Revolution In A Nutshell

By T N Das

Today revolution is in the minds of many, as economic inequality reaches unprecedented levels of injustice and as the world economy shows signs of further crisis due to the recent crisis in the Chinese economy. What we have seen in history with various political revolutions and what we have seen in recent times with colour-coded revolutions …

Nuclear Revolution

P.R. Sarkar
A society may be described as the collection of numerous parallel psychic waves which originate due to the psychic tendency of moving together in unison. The glory of human society lies in the formation of a universal collective structure inspired by exalted ideas.

Dynamicity and staticity are inseparably associated with both individual and collective movement. Society is constantly …

Prout’s Theory of Revolution

Trond Overland
To understand PROUT involves understanding revolutionary dynamics. Apart from formulating an original concept of revolution, PROUT discusses a number of revolutionary concerns such as the spiritual, historical psychosocial cycles and the structural.

PROUT defines revolution as “the application of tremendous force within a short time to destroy the formidable control of any era and replace it by the …

The Weakening of Political Democracy and the Prospects of Economic Fairness

By Trond Øverland

All over the world over, the economy is getting worse.1 Everywhere we see the same scenario: disappearing well paid jobs which results in less purchasing capacity. When most of the fit population no longer have a decent income, they will neither be able to fend for themselves nor contribute to the economy. Due to the ensuing …


PROUT holds that a decentralized socio-economic structure (as opposed to the present trend of urban commercial centralization) does not diminish or dissipate economic potential. Rather, decentralization removes regional disparity because wealth is distributed almost equally everywhere. According to PROUT, all the resources in a socio-economic unit should be controlled by the local people, and local people must be employed in local economic enterprises. …

PROUT’s Vision of True Human Society

By Taraka 

Across the face of this planet we find the greatest humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. 125 million people are in need of aid due to famine, wars and other crimes against humanity. We are seeing societies being torn apart by various forms of hatred, discrimination and violence based on narrow sentiments. And the crisis is a …

What is Democracy, Really?

By Taraka

“Humanity is outraged in me and with me. We must not dissimulate, nor try to forget this indignation, which is one of the most passionate forms of love. We must make great efforts in behalf of brotherhood [and sisterhood,] to repair the ravages of hate. We must put an end to the scourge, wipe out infamy with scorn